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sports car hire

Fancy a sports car? You can hire one right now, anywhere in England.

We offer you The Bumblebee, Camaro LS, SLP ZL 575 Camaro, and The Camaro SS. Each of these muscle cars are imported from the U.S. and comes with a powerful engine. You can choose any of the cars and live out your dream of driving a sports car.

Everyone loves the feel of driving in a sports car and our self-drive hire service is the only sports car hire of its kind here in the U.K.

You can even choose a chauffeur-driven car, if you prefer the luxury of a passenger.

Besides your own wish, there are four compelling reasons to hire a sports car:

1. Wedding with a bang: Coming to your wedding in a muscle car will impress everyone. Kindly see our Wedding Car Hire page for details.
2. First date: If wedding is still far away, you can go out and impress your date with a yellow Bumblebee or an orange Camaro SS.
3. Drive in luxury: Move with your friends in luxury reserved for the super-rich or the royals in a chauffeur-driven Camaro.
4. Make holidays more exciting: Give a James Bond touch to your holidays with a powerful Camaro. For more details, kindly see Holiday Car Hire.

We can come up with even more reasons to rent a sports car. Write to us on to inquire how a sports car can make your life more interesting and thrilling.