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prom car hire

American Car Hire offers you an awesome exit from your college or school. Our real-American muscle cars are guaranteed to provide you with the style, taste, luxury, and power that you deserve for the showdown night of your school or college.

Our prom car hire service promises you that you will be the centre of attention when you walk out from any of our muscle cars. Our packages are flexible and we can tailor them to suit your unique requirements. Our large fleet of diverse models will ensure you will get a car that suits your needs. All in all, if standing out from the crowd is what you desire on prom night, we can help.

Currently, our car hire service offers you a choice between The Bumblebee, S LP ZL 575 CAMARO, Camaro LS, and Camaro SS. Whichever of them you choose; you can rest assure that your prom car will be the topic of the night.

All of our cars are American imports. We are based in Rawreth, Essex, but our prom car hire service ensures that you can hire our muscle cars in England.

You can visit us in Essex or write us a mail on to get a quote or book a car.