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muscle car hire

It is hard to leave a lasting impression at an event where everyone is arriving in a prestigious sports car or even a muscle car of there own. You need something different to stand out and the Chevrolet Camaro is the muscle car which is renowned across the world.

We offer you luxurious, U.S. muscle cars in England. The only self drive muscle car hire of its kind here in the U.K. You can choose between The Bumblebee, Camaro LS, SLP ZL 575 Camaro, and The Camaro SS.

The interior and other luxuries will ensure you get a top notch experience—that is nothing short of a unique experience.

Sporty looks on the outside will make sure you and your vehicle are the head turners wherever you go. It is the best of both worlds.

Our muscle cars are available for hire across England.

You can hire them for personal and professional occasions, including:

1. Weddings
2. First dates
3. Business meetings
4. Holidays
5. Special Events

There are a lot more situations where you will want to drive in a muscle car. Write to us on to inquire how a luxury muscle car can make your personal and professional encounters with people more special.