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holiday car hire

Rent a Camaro for your holiday in England to make your trip more luxurious, exciting, and memorable.


You can choose from The Bumblebee, Camaro LS, SLP ZL 575 Camaro, and The Camaro SS. Each of the muscle cars are imported from the U.S. and comes with a powerful engine to make your holidays in England truly energising.


There are four compelling reasons to rent a Camaro for your holidays:


  1. Change is good: Our Camaros are not ordinary sedans. They are powerful beasts that can give you the thrill of being in a James Bond car (The Chevrolet Camaro was used in James Bond 1983 Never Say Never Again and can be seen in the James Bond museum on your trip in London.
  2. It’s budget-friendly: Renting a Camaro is a lot cheaper than actually buying it or renting other prestigious cars.
  3. It’s luxurious: You can choose to self-drive, or hire a chauffeur. Each of our chauffeurs are highly experienced and committed to provide you with an optimal service.
  4. You’ll like being a head turner: Try going anywhere in one of our Camaros and you’ll notice how everyone’s eyes follow you and your vehicle.


We can tell you even more reasons to rent a Camaro for this season’s holiday car hire. Write to us on to inquire how you can make your holidays rocking.